Friday, June 5, 2009

Darwin's Letter to his friend, Sir Thomas Thompton

Darwin's Letter to his friend, Sir Thomas Thompton, 1861: “ I believe in the theory of evolution, not because I have proof, but because it helps me in classification, Morphology, Embryology, and rudimentary organs..."


zedzed said...

The same way most ppl believe in relegion because it gives meaning to life, helps relieve pain n stress, promises a gud after life package, or be reincarnated to a higher being n so on. Not becox they have proof!

evolutionist said...

Dear Siru,

I don't find any reason to argue with you, when I know you are an Islamic theology student and would be so much 'affected' by faith. But let me tell you that for anything to be science or scientific, it should be observable and either provable or falsifiable. So if we apply these three main principals, Intelligent Design and Creationism is not science.

I also believe that at the time of Darwin, the evidence was not so strong and he did not have much to show. But as time went on, the discipline of evolutionary biology expanded, evolutionary biologists were able to find more evidences.

Paleontology has shown a lot of genuine transitional fossils (not including those that have been proven as fake). Molecular biology and genetics also proven evolution beyond a shadow of doubt.

Anonymous said...

do you know something called Scientific method. pls read:

Darwin did not have the proof acquired at that time, but the hypothesis was overwhelmingly enticing for boiologists and scientists from all the corners of the world to enquire more on this. Now we have the evidence..

Abu Uthaimeen said...

some ppl just dont get it siru, we call em thick skulled idiots. too dumb to false the truth or even search for it.

Asif Rahman Bipul said...

Before me those who put their comments on the part of Darwin's letter,i think most of them believe in the theory of evolution blindly.Theory of evolution indicates that monkey is our forefather.I am sorry.I do not like to be the offspring of monkey.Those who believe in the theory of evolution,they may be the sons and daughters of monkey.I do not believe in the theory of evolution because i am the offspring of Adam and Eve,the first created man and woman.And the phrase "not because i have proof"does not mean that Darwin, the originator of theory of evolution had no proof,rather the above phrase means that Darwin have strong proof.

Anonymous said...

this is not a 'letter'
its a piece of crap 'art'